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Ed rosenthal, an american cannabis activist, discovered the original strain and brought in back to the united states in the 1970s. The durban poison strain releases, dense, puffy clouds of smoke that. The flowering period takes 10 weeks and the harvest brings to 550 gr indoors and up to 350gr outdoors. Durban poison is one of the main building blocks of the modern cannabis dna pool. Everyone loves a classic, especially if that classic is organically cultivated and grown with an abundance of tender loving care. Every grower out there seems to have tried t and now im no exception. Those parent strains were then later cultivated, bred and produced in holland. A few hits give me all the relief i need for hours, and i have a 32yearlong history of heavy cannabis use. This african beauty seems t have been around forever.

Durban buds have a reputation for producing immediate, intense highs. Durban poison, colorado style, is where the buds achieve their pinnacle perfection. A fastgrowing sativa, durban poison seeds known for rapidly producing big buds that are literally sticky with sweet, almost licoricelike smelling weed. However it can also be grown indoors where it can be ready to harvest after 89 weeks. According to the 1987 super sativa seed club catalog, the buds that durban poison originates from, come from the area around pinetown which is about 10 miles inland from durban and a good feet higher in sea level. Well suited for out crossing with late bloomers to produce earlier flowering. This strain is ideal for making concentrates, as the bud is covered in oversized trichomes. A brief history originating in the port city of durban, south africa, this epic landrace strain has been consistently been gaining notoriety across the world since the late 1970s. Durban poison cannabis seeds by dutch passion belong to a feminised cannabis strain originated in south africa. The durban poison story goes back to the late 70s in south africa. Durban poison is definitely one of the big guys of the cannabis scene.

Durban poison is known for flowering early and producing very long bud leaves, and big solid buds rich with resin. It has long been a favorite of stoners and medical marijuana patients here. Urban poison hybrid cannabis marijuana weed strain info. Durban poison weed strain sativa marijuana strains. Named for the south african port where it is produced, this sativa has heavy uplifting effects that will boost your spirits, mood and mind. The original durban poison, was first collected and became famous by the legendary american breeder sam the skunkman in the late 70s. Durban poison seeds pure sativa from africa crazy high. It has gained popularity worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects. In this strain, nirvana has crossed durban poison with northern lights and then backcrossed the hybrid with the parent durban poison again. Durban poison70s is a sativa strain from south africa and one of the rarest pure strains in the world.

Durban poison is a very fast finishing pure sativa with a good sweet taste and strong physical marijuana high similar to many thai varieties. Durban poison is a pure sativa landrace strain that is reported to have originated from the ports of durban, south africa. Durban is almost always made up of large, rounded buds with a silverygreen coloration and lots of peachcolored hairs. Durban poison originally travelled to holland from south africa during the 1970s and was then a pure sativa strain. When smoked, this strain can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief. Durban poison 70s club strain tropical seeds company. This strain was carried over to holland from south africa and was inbred over many years during the 70s, this helped each generation of durban poison to become progressively resilient to windy and rainy conditions of northern europe. Click and zoom into all ancestors of the marijuana strain durban poison from the cannabis breeder dutch passion with the help of seedfinders unique, amazing and dynamic family tree. If youve ever experienced the durban poison strain before, then im sure you know that when you get this close to pure sativa, youre going to have a good time. Originating in the port city of durban, south africa, this epic landrace strain has been consistently been gaining notoriety across the world since the late 1970s. Durbin poison is a 100% sativa strain that has been around since the late 70s. Durban poison seeds usa shipping marijuana seed shop. Order your durban poison feminized seeds now and enjoy growing one of the few 100% sativa strains. Durban poison has a clear, focused high that hits users right away.

Durban poison marijuana strain a close examination of a. Durban poison has parent strains that were imported from south africa and north america. The amplification of sights and sounds may be initially disorienting but in the right setting can slide into an active, buzzy head high. One of americas first international strain hunters, ed rosenthal, was in south africa in the late 1970s looking for some new strains. To set shit off we take a super tasty dab of white cookies shatter from top secret dabs out of the gear glass bell shaped sidecar.

Growing durban posion seeds will give you a highyielding strain, its well known for being resillient agains a wide variety of molds and diseases so novice growers should be. Genetic tools weed out misconceptions of strain reliability in. It has remained unchanged since the 70s by a small group of south african local growers until we received it a. Its a sativa dominant strain, which demonstrates growth in sativa style at the end of the flowering period. Any medical benefits are more mental than physical this strain can confer a sense of mindfulness to help those perpetually distracted by depression, anxiety, and ptsd. Durban poison is an original african strain crossed with potent early dutch skunk. Perfect for outdoor or hotter climates, it produces solid, dense buds. The marijuana seeds are specially selected from crops grown in the wild in south africa. Durban poison weed is a traditional landrace sativa with long fingered leaves, a long internodal length and prolific, long buds that are heavy and highly resinous. Durban poison is a fruity and delightful strain with a turbulent history. As a 100% sativa this displays all the traits you would expect, tall. History of the cannabis variety durban poison the durban poison story goes back to the late 70s in south africa, where a young ed rosenthal was in search of new genetics.

No other strain in modern cannabis history has caused as much controversy and hype as the cookies. Durban poison strain is most suitable for daytime use and is used for relief from stress and depression. The strain is name after the south african port city of durban. The plant grows very quickly and is amongst most users top 10. Located on the east coast of south africa, durban is the busiest port in the country.

It typically has chunky, round buds that leave a thick coating of trichomes all over the plant. Rumors circulated that ed rosenthal cannabis activist discovered the original strain and brought in back to the us in the 70s. This is actually considered to be an award winning cannabis for its strain has actually won the high times medical cannabis cup. Durban poison marijuana is very powerful and potent strain, great for morning or daytime use.

Personally, i have found the durban poison strain to do a good job in keeping me focused, all while boosting my creativity. Seedfinder database breeders dutch passion durban poison genealogy family tree. Every seed merchant in holland bought some and made copies as well as hybrids. The commonly believed story is that its a cross of several strains, probably including the genetics of og kush, durban poison and grand daddy purple. Durban poison strain buy online side effects, grow. Durban poison is a worldfamous, pure sativa marijuana strain that originally came from the south african port city of durban. The resulting hybrid is 100% sativa, potent, highyielding and really popular. It gives an instant cerebral high, boosts energy, uplifts mood, puts a smile on your face. Durban poison seeds for sale high quality buy online. Durban poison this pure sativa originates from the south african port city of durban. It is known for its sweet aroma and sweet taste, something earthy or skunky. Durban poison originates from south africa and the port city of durban where thousands of kilos of this legendary strain are produced every year. Its well known for being the strain used by the warriors of the zulu tribes and appear in great amount of current best hybrids. Durban poison seeds grow well out doors in warmer climates under 40 degrees latitude and also grow well indoors with a short 8 week flowering cycle durban poison.

Buy durban poison regular seeds 10 from dutch passion at. Durban poison is a very powerful pure sativa that originated in durban, south africa. Durban poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day, when exploring the outdoors, or to lend a spark of creativity. The durban poison strain sort of brings us back in history, originating from a long line of african sativas, which makes it one of the most pure, potent, energizing strains on the market. These plants produce large marijuana buds that are well known for their resistance to disease and mold. At the port of durban africa, he ran across a fast flowering strain. Almost entirely cerebral with no hints of debilitating heaviness or couchlock, this strain can be especially helpful for creative endeavors. According to legend, high times columnist and prominent. Durban weed has, besides a very uplifting high, a sweet licorice taste. Durban poison strain details this is considered to be a very famous strain which comes from natal and is being grown all throughout south africa. Durban poison highest labtested thc at a ht cannabis cup.

The durban poison strain is pure sativa and has a surprisingly sweet smell. Black durban is an indica strain, this strains genetics include. Durban poison has a distinct sweet smell and is a parent strain to popular hybrids cherry pie and girl scout cookies. It is also one of the major centres of tourism because of the citys warm subtropical climate and. By simply clicking here and there your durban poison cannabis seed would be all set up to be shipped. However, across the many generations that adapted to the outdoor conditions of northern europe some indica genetics from an unknown source have succeeded in combining with it. Original durban poison is a classic strain for indoor or outdoor growing in extreme northern or southern areas. Well known for its oversized resin glands, the durban poison strain is also great for concentrate extraction. Like other cannabis varieties that have traveled far from their place of origin and into modern day, the historical lineage of durban poison is still. Durban poison can also be a strong social lubricant, helping smokers to feel chatty and more at ease. Durban poison evolves into a marvellous midsizedbig marijuana plant that yields elongated buds overflowing with resin in exchange for very little attention. Durban poison is one of the most desired sativa strains for its mindblowing aftermath. Durban is a cannabis strain known for its reliable growth and abundant yields.

Being a lifelong fan of landrace strains living in a world monopolized by hybrids, i was. Urban poison is a new indoor version of the famous durban posion from south africa. After the 8 to 9 weeks of cultivating period you are bound to collect your marijuana strain with thc content of 1416%. The dominant smell and taste of durban poison is earthy and sweet, with a. Durban poison is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, and it can also be helpful with nausea. A perfect landrace strain whose genetics have been incorporated into many popular hybrids, and are now available through us in regular only form. The long history of the strain is traced back to the late 1970s when american breeder dj short was working with a variety of exotic landrace strains. The plant can be harvested after 89 weeeks indoors. According to legend, high times columnist and prominent cannabis activist ed rosenthal first discovered durban poison. Durban poison dutch passion strain info growdiaries. It is ideal for use during the day, as it provides a stimulating, energetic and creative effect.

A pure sativa, durban poison is the beloved inbred descendant of a sativa strain grown in south africa. A quick history a sativadominant strain, durban poison traces its roots back to south africa. Durban poison lineage durban poison is a pure sativa strain and has been around since the late 70s and has been named after the second biggest city of south africa. Durban poison south african land race leafly strain. The durban poison has therapeutics effects and is often recommended to help mild depression and tummy aches. Durban poison crop king seeds strain info growdiaries. It has gained popularity worldwide for its sweet smell and stimulating effects. Durban poisons history goes all the way back to the late 1970s in south africa, where a young ed rosenthal was on the hunt for new genetics. It had long period of feminization and improving in european labs. Durban poison feminized seeds for sale high quality buy. Interestingly, two predominantly sativa strains durban poison 100%. This pure sativa originates from the south african port city of durban. Ed cultivated his own little gene pool and took some of the seeds produced back to the united states.

So what did i think about durban poison marijuana strain i thought t. Afghanistan, colombia, mexico, nepal, south africa, thailand, and united states. He brought some seeds back and shared them with others. Like landrace strain hindu kush, durban poison is extremely resinous and great. Durban poison is an original variety that was brought to us in the 90s from africa. The strain was first cultivated by a researcher named ed rosenthal. Durban poison marijuana effects last up to 3 hours. The bouquet of durban poison cannabis gives hints of the very distinct taste it carries. That said, the strain doesnt have a dual parent lineage like other varieties have.

Reports of inconsistencies, along with the history of underground trading. Durban poison outdoors growing durban poison cannabis. Durban poison cannabis strain information cannasos. Durban poison is a pure landrace sativa cannabis strain originating from the african region. While durban poison is technically a landrace sativa native to south africa, its genetics have been radically tampered with over the years making it very hard to find a true heirloom variety.

Durban poisons history goes all the way back to the late 1970s in. We also grabbed some other goodies for upcoming shows. Originating from south africa, it remains one of the worlds most popular sativas. The variety he found was one of the earliest finishing plants in the area known for his equatorial sativas, and he took home a variety of seeds from this local gene pool. Durban poison cannabis strain is a pure sativa from south africa. Although in its pure form it is 100% sativa, it has been crossed with a plethora of strains and there is a good chance that its genetic code can be found in some of the most well known and beloved hybrids. Durban poison is a 100% sativa strain which produces an excellent energetic high that will leave you calling this anything but poison. The variety that he found was one of the earliestfinishing plants in the area known for its equatorial sativas, and he took home a variety of seeds from this locally cultivated genetic pool.

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